Carpet Cleaners in Federal Way WA removes all the dust mites

It’s simply gross thinking about dustmites. After a winter to be shut in with our cats and dogs without having chance to open the windows and allow the light shine in. Well it is time. Spring has leapt and now you have an occasion to work with Danny Thomas ProClean and out baby and pet safe program.


We will use our reasonable and advanced devices and offer for you the most cost effective cleaning services in the Federal Way area. As being your neighbour, we would like you to have a healthy and clean dwelling. Dustmites seem to appear from anywhere with no outlet at the time of our winters. They are a chief source of your allergies and colds/ ailments.


You can benefit from our reasonable carpet cleaning services and get rid of the majority of the dust mites gathering in your home. Our carpet cleaning will free your home of up to 87% of dust mites and 85% of cat dust. 100% guaranteed.


Let’s get healthy this year. By using our green carpet cleaning we'll free your home of allergy defining dirt and free you against a summer and spring of distress. Our green carpet cleaning would be safe for your baby as well as your animals.


Danny Thomas ProClean of Federal Way, WA is prepared for your needs. We urge you to arrange using our web site cleaning emergencies. You simply need to phone us and inquire about our specials and ability to fulfill your 24 hour requirements. Contact us at (253) 887-1238. Danny Thomas ProClean is prepared for you. Your kids and pets would be grateful for our outstanding work.