Tips on how to remove stains from your rugs in Federal Way, WA

Tips on how to remove stains from your rugs in Federal Way, WA

Similar to clothes, some stains may not be easy to remove. A specialist should be consulted for stubborn stains.The following steps should be remembered for a good care of carpet:

    During cleaning refrain from rubbing the carpet knots in the reverse direction of the pile.    Take care not to wet the whole carpet for cleaning at home.    Never use any chemicals, including ammonia to clean silk carpets.

Some hints to remove stains

Stains  TreatmentAny alcoholic drink  lightly wet with warm water and dry it well afterMud  dry well and vacuum cleanChocolate  use a sponge damped with ammonia to wipeSweets  lightly wipe with warm waterInk  damp sponge with a mixture of water, soap and alcohol and wipe, take care to prevent the cleaning mixture from dripping down to the reverse of the carpetFruits  damp sponge with a mixture containing 3 parts white vinegar or lemon juice and 1 part ammonia and wipeEgg  never use hot water, wipe with an ammonia and water mixture, failing that, use an alcohol and water mixtureBlood  never use hot water, after cleaning the stain well with a damp sponge, wipe out with a cold water, if unsuccesfull, wipe again with pure white wine, if stain is dry, brush it well and clean with water containing a small amount of ammoniaPet urine  wipe out with a sponge while stain is damp and leave it to dry. Later wipe with a white vinegar, if remains, wipe again with a mixture of 3 parts of alcohol with 1 part of ammonia

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